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Do I have to purchase an APPA card?


No you do not.  You do have to sign up through the APPA system, but NINJABALL covers the APPA fee so you can apply that amount towards playing paintball.  You do need valid state or government identification to prove you are real though!  

How do I get an APPA number? 

Go to the APPA site using this link :  APPA

What rules does NINJABALL use?


We use the NXL rules with some slight modifications.

  Best 2 out of 3 for D5,4,3

  Limited of 7 on roster,

  D3 :

Any number of Division 3 or lower players may appear on a Division 3

roster, plus

     •Up to two Division 2 players, or

     •Up to one Division 1 player

D4 :

Any number of Division 4 or lower players may appear on a Division 4

roster, plus

     •Up to two Division 3 players, or

     •Up to one Division 2 player

D4 :

Any number of Division 5 or lower players may appear on a Division 5

roster, plus

     •Up to two Division 4 players


What is rate of fire and the fire mode?


This year it is 10.5 bps.  It doesn't matter what your fire mode is as long as it isn't full auto and does not exceed 10.5 bps.  

What is the format?

We will be  5-man, Best 2 out of 3.  These games are played on Saturdays. Your team will play the other teams on your schedule at no more than 3 times.  The first team to 2 points wins that match against that team.  No Coaching.

Can I bring my own paint to the event?


No.  The paint must be purchased at the event.  Any use of outside paint will cause your team to be suspended.  We will offer GI Sportz 3 and 4 star paint at the event.  


How much paint will my team shoot?
The average amount of cases used per team at events is 10 cases.
Will the layouts be released prior to the event?


The layouts will be blind unless an NXL layout has been released.  If that is the case we will be using the upcoming NXL layout.


Can I camp at the field?


At this time that is not an option.  There are hotels near the location.  A quick search on Google will help you find what suits your teams needs.


When do the gates open?


The gates open at 6:30 am.


When are the schedules released?


They will be released the Thursday prior to the event.  Sometimes the schedule will be altered slightly if a team is added or drops at the last minute.  We try to work with teams to make sure they can play or to cover any unforeseen emergencies.


Do you communicate with other series about event dates?
Yes we do.  We make an effort to avoid conflicts.  Unfortunately with National events and work schedules that isn't always possible.
Where are the events held?


Doodlebug Outdoor Sports Park located at 

9600 115th Ave SE, Snohomish, WA 98290

(425) 257-9771


How can I reach you?


The best way is through email.  There is an option for that via website.  There is an option to send an email.  Contacting me via the NINJABALL Facebook works as well, but there may be a delay.  


If I have a problem or suggestion what do I do? 


Contact me via the website. Scroll to the top of this page and send us a message.

My shoes have yellow on them or a color close to yellow.  Can I wear them?


Yellow cleats are not permitted.  If you have some shoes/cleats that are close in color and could be considered yellow it is best practice to not wear them.  Please plan ahead.


How will I know where to sign in?


There will be a clearly marked registration area.  You will be provided your schedule.  The pit area will also be clearly marked so you know which pit to go to for your match.

Photo by Bjorn Bainto