ROSTER Limits:

  •  Limited of 7 on roster,

  • D4 :  Any number of Division 4 or lower players may appear on a Division 4 roster, plus 

         • Up to two Division 3 players, or

         • Up to one Division 2 player

  • D5 :  Any number of Division 5 or lower players may appear on a Division 5 roster, plus

        • Up to two Division 4 players


  • We  will be providing  paint from G.I. Sportz for sale. Only paint sold by Ninjaball the day of the event is allowed.   

Timeline for the Event:

  • Gates will open promptly at 6:30 am.  

  • Once parked proceed to registration.  Here you will be greeted by our smiling faces and and we will check you in.  

  • Once we have checked you can purchase your paint.  

  • Please familiarize yourself with the NXL format rules. We will be using modified NXL rules

  • There will be a brief Captain's meeting to answer last minute questions and go over rules

  • 10.5 bps.   


  • You can also contact me with any questions that you may have at los_rodriguez@comcast.net prior to the event or in person at the event.  

  • The games will begin at 8 am 



I welcome those wishing to film or take action photos at our events.  I only ask a few things of you.  I require you to sign a waiver and I require you to share your photos with me.  I want to put them on the website for all to see.

If you have any questions please use the contact page on this website.  This way I will get in touch with you ASAP!!