​E1 - Rise of the NINJA - February 22, 2014

E2 - Enter the NINJA - April 5, 2014

E3 - Revenge of the NINJA - May 17, 2014

E4 - NINJA Wars - July 19, 2014

E5 - NINJA Scroll - September 20, 2014

NINJABALL is BACK!!!   Don't miss the first tournament of the season out at DBS Outdoor. DBS has put in a lot of work to get the field ready for 2014.   This season promises to be the best ever!   Be sure to register and bring home cash and prizes!!



Registration is now open!  You can register by clicking the word "​​​REGISTER" in the upper left hand corner of this box.  

A few things about us that makes us unique and saves you money.  We use the APPA system, but do not require you purchase a card or a membership.  We believe it's better for you to use that money for a case of paint, food, or whatever you want.  You are required to provide valid state or federal identification that includes your photograph.  This will be compared to the APPA website to make sure you are who you say you are.  YOU MUST UPLOAD A RECENT PHOTOGRAPH TO APPA WEBSITE.  YOU MUST BRING VALID IDENTIFICATION TO THE EVENT TO CHECK IN.  NO PICTURE and NO IDENTIFICATION = NO TOURNAMENT.  If you are a minor you will need to bring a copy of your birth certificate and your parent/guardian.  If you do not have an APPA number, click on the word  "APPA" above.  If you have any problems let me know.

ROSTER Limits:

NINJAKINGS is a 5 man tournament event.  You are allowed to have up to 7 players on your roster.  In Divisions 3 through 5 you are allowed to have one rostered player on your roster from the next higher division.   In the ELITE Division you can have one Pro on your roster.


We offer the finest paintballs in the world for you to compete with.  Once again the infamous BW DUNN will be at your service providing you paint from G.I. Sportz.  The paint is priced at $50, $55, and $60.  We will have samples of each brand for you to test.

Timeline for the Event:

Gates will open promptly at 6:30 am.  Once parked proceed to registration.  Here you will be greeted by our smiling faces and and we will check you in.  Once we have checked you can purchase ypour paint. 

We will have a brief Captains meeting at 7:45 am.  Please familiarize yourself with the PSP format rules since we will be using a modified version of that.  NO COACHING.  You can also contact me with any questions that you may have.  

Competition will begin promptly at 8:00 am.  


I welcome those wishing to film or take action photos at our events.  I only ask a few things of you.  I require you to sign a waiver and I require you to share your photos with me.  I want to put them on the website for all to see.

If you have any questions please use the contact page on this website.  This way I will get in touch with you ASAP!!